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Teleflora's Pop Hearts Bouquet

mylar balloons

stuffed animals

box of chocolates

Basset Hound

Espresso Drink (Hot)


Cold Iced Mocha

Happy Flower Mylar

Large Sheep

Birthday Flower large

LG Mylar

JaCiva Chocolate


Happy Birthday Jumbo

Standard Cupcakes

Feel Better Mylar Large Daisy

Local Bakery Cupcakes

Large Mylar


Unicorn Jumbo Mylar

9 inch Cake

5inch JaCiva's Cakes

I Love You Mylar

6inch JaCiva's Cakes

Smoothie with Mug

Hugs and Kisses

Rainbow Balloon

Singing Happy Birthday

Fruit Basket

Greeting Card

Birthday Balloons Bunch

Candies You Pick What Kind


Milkshake w/Mug

Jumbo Mylar

Minion Balloon

Cookies /You Pick the style

Lips Mylar

Get Well Balloons


A pop of playful romance, this sweet bouquet of red roses, pink carnations and white daisies is magnificently matched by a glass cube dotted with dancing red and silver hearts.

Portland Florist your local flower shop in Portland for over 60 years! We take pride in our flowers and products and we are happy to have your business. Add chocolates, balloons, cakes, wine and even coffee from our very own coffee shop located right behind our flower shop. We serve espresso and local baked cakes and pastries.

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  • Premium


Standard - $54.95

Deluxe - $64.95

Premium - $74.95