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Sarah's homemade creamcheese cinnamon rolls. Oh my gosh they are good! We have added a flower top to make it pretty! Includes 6 cinnamon rolls.

The best in Portland!! Here at Portland Bakery Delivery we set out to deliver the best baked goods from local bakeries. They bring us daily wonderful treats to deliver along with flowers, balloons, wine, and espresso drinks from our very own coffee shop! When ordering one or more items to the same address the extra delivery charge will be dropped off at the Shopping cart.

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • As Shown flowers on top


  • Deluxe more flowers on top


  • Premium with flowers in a vase


As Shown flowers on top - $29.95

Deluxe more flowers on top - $39.95

Premium with flowers in a vase - $49.95