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When someone deserves public acknowledgement for a job well done, whether it be for a promotion, graduation, or other achievement, congratulations flowers show them you understand and appreciate their tireless efforts to improve their life and the lives of those around them. Fresh local flowers are the perfect gift from your local Portland Florist Shop. Our amazing selection of congratulations flowers allow you to select the bouquet or arrangement that best expresses your pride and celebrates the achievement. Whether you are looking for a loving, personal arrangement for a close friend or family member, or are looking for a warm, professional arrangement for a co-worker or employee, our great selection of congratulations flowers allow you to personalize your message so it fits the occasion exactly.

If you prefer to send congratulations gifts, we also offer a great selection of fruit, plant, and even pastry and hot espresso drinks from our coffee shop! The food is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious and the plants are sure to be beautiful, healthy, and long lasting. Congratulations gifts are a fun way to expand the joyful mood of the moment and heap praise on the person who worked so hard to accomplish something meaningful and important.