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Customer Comments

Portland Florist Shop,
My daughter sent me a photograph of the wreath I ordered for her father-in-law's funeral service. I would like to thank you for working with me on this order and customizing this wreath. The wreath was beautiful, arrived on time, and reasonably priced. I'm so glad I found your website. 

Joanna Ling
Aiea, Hawaii

The lady loved it! Its her birthday tomorrow she will be 94! She was looking after me and my family after the fall of the Soviet union when I was just 13 years old, and them for years she and her family supported my family in the Ukraine. I am happy I have used your service to give back for the love and kindness Viola has given me for many years. Thank you Lynne for the wonderful service!

Best regards

Dear Lynne
Thank you so very much for the absolutely beautiful floral arrangements you created for my mother's funeral. She would have been so pleased to see her favorite flowers, the pink and white roses and carnations, arranged so artfully draped over the casket and in the standing sprays on either side. I was frantic to find a florist who could create something beautiful and deliver the next day. I found you on the internet, took a leap of faith based on the fact you have been in business since 1957. You exceeded my expectations!   Again, thank you for the wonderful service & for making my Mom smile!!

Sandra Coe & Family

Thank you so much the your  e-mail confirmation for my mother's flowers. She said it was just lovely. This is the 2nd time I have ordered from you, and she was very happy with them both times.   I no longer live in the area, but it helps that I can send her something that I know she will like, even if I am unable to be with her.   Thank you again.  I am sure you will be hearing from me in the near future.  I used the online order option this time and it worked just fine. I was easy to understand & didn't take half a day to complete.    Again, thank you for the wonderful service & for making my Mom smile!!


Julia Lopez
(Satisfied customer) 😊

Just want to thank you so much for getting the peanuts cup of flowers delivered sooner that my delivery date. I was late in ordering, but you made the day special for someone who needed a smile.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Candice Snyder

Thank You! My mother said it’s the nicest bouquet she’s ever seen, and she has seen a lot as she used to work at the front desk at a hospital!

Thank you!

Thank you very much. The roses were beautiful..
Excellent service.

Best regards
Murrae B.

My mom sent me a photo and they looked so much better than the picture. Thank you very much! The gift was beautiful!

Shannon D.

Thank you for making such a gorgeous arrangement. They were delighted and sent me a picture of it.

Muriel T.

She sent pictures! She LOVED the cake and the bouquet, and I must say you did an excellent job on the French garden bouquet I ordered. Exactly as I hoped it would look.

Thank you!
Dustin T.

She absolutely loved the arrangement. Should the occasion arise I will definitely use you in the future and tell others as well!

Davida P.

Thank you for the quick delivery and the stunning arrangement! She sent me a photo of the flowers and they were absolutely beautiful.

Jean M.

Thank you! The bouquet was beautiful and she loved it. We look forward to ordering with you again!


My friend sent me a pic of her delivery and was so happy. I wanted to thank you for coming up with such a cute idea. It made her day. Thanks again.


Thank you & all Your Team for exemplary customer service!!!

Wendy J.

Hi Lynne, I apologize for not responding sooner. The flowers you sent to my mom were absolutely perfect. I will be calling you for every flower Occasion for my mom.

Thank you,
Robert W.

I want to let you know the bouquet was AMAZING!! It looked better than shown on your website and the delivery was right on time!
I will absolutely use your service again in the future!!


Thank you! I will put you in my contacts for future deliveries. I just got a pic....perfect !!

Jan M

And I'd like to inform YOU that my order number 177732 absolutely thrilled my daughter-in-law - and ME! Her photo of it shows a beautiful arrangement of lovely flowers. JUST what I wanted her to have!

Thank you - I have great faith in you!
Elisabeth F

My grandson was thrilled with the pastries and the whole family was able to celebrate his graduation into middle school.
Thank you for helping CA grandparents show love to their Portland grandson.
Thank you for your great service.

Take care
Joyce Y

Grace sent a picture of the flowers you delivered for us. The arrangement was gorgeous!!! She called us all excited as soon as the flowers arrived. We are on a tight budget but at the same time didn’t want to send something that looked cheap. You delivered on both counts. For $42 we got a handsome arrangement in a beautiful pottery vase. Plus we were able to support a long established local family owned floral shop!!!

Thank you so much,

Thank you Lynne! The display is beautiful, even better than what was pictured on website! I got a heartfelt thank you from the Sheriff’s department. I thought I’d pass on the feel good sentiment. Thank you again.

-Jennifer C.

Really appreciate you all doing work in these crazy times. She loved the flowers and the cake! I’ll be sure to pass along your business. Thanks again!!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It's really nice knowing we can always depend on you to get things done so wonderfully. Thanks for going the extra mile this time. We greatly appreciate it!

--Mike & Patty B.

Deepest thanks for making this perfect arrangement for my mom for Mother's Day. The shop was so helpful and efficient when I placed the phone order, and my mom was absolutely thrilled with the result. She sent me photos and was just beaming. My mom also heartily complimented the delivery driver for her friendly, speedy, and contactless service. It is even more meaningful this year when I can't be with my mom in person. You are delivering far more than just flowers and balloons; you are delivering love and hope and closeness. Please extend my gratitude to you and all your helpers.


Truly the most beautiful bouquet I think we have ever had! Cheese cake was amazingly light and delicious!

Thank You For All You Did!

She just sent me a photo!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! They are so beautiful!!! I will make sure and give your name out to anyone I know who lives in Portland!

Trish O.

Thank you so much. Our daughter in law, Alana, was thrilled with your flowers. We appreciate that you are working at this difficult time and helping nourish people’s mental health.

Peace, dona

It was wonderful, and she loved it! She said the cupcakes were gorgeous! Thank you so much. During this time, we can’t see her while she is in a senior community. It is so hard, and we wanted to make it special. You all did that. 🙏

Kathryn T.

My daughter loved the arrangement. (She sent me a picture – it was just perfect.)

Thanks to Kimberley and the talented staff for taking my long distance thought and turning it into something that gave my daughter a three ‘heart’ and three ‘smiley face’ emoji reaction.

Steve H.

Hi folks,

My sister sent me a photo of the orchid I ordered for her birthday. It is stunning and beautifully presented

Thank you, I am pleased!

Thank you so very much! I have been told that your flowers were the most beautiful on the altar and they will enjoy them as a memory of her mother. Thanks again for the awesome product and service!


Greetings from Wisconsin!

Everything was perfect! Thank you! I’m so glad to know about your business! My daughter was thrilled.

Thank you Thank you. The flowers looked great. Once again you made Her very happy.

Thank you again
Jeff C.

Thanks, the bouquet was beautiful !!!


Thank you so much, she absolutely loved it!!

Lokelani H.

Thanks for doing such a great job !

Paul T.

I saw picture of the cake, and It look wonderful. Thank you
Kathy R.

Hi Lynne,

I’m so impressed with you and Portland Florist. I ordered before about a year ago and sent a birthday cake to my Sister and she loved it!

She lost her husband a few months past so sending one of your beautiful flowered cakes I believe will surely bring a smile

Thank you all again for your kindness


Thanks, she loved it!
Thank you for helping brighten the day for a friend in the hospital out there. I’m in Florida, a long way away.

Jane S.

Dear Portland Florist Shop et. Al.

Please know I am pleased
1) The delivery person “pounded on the door” recipients’ words, completed a successful delivery.
2) The recipient expressed surprise, gratitude and joy in being delighted with your products, apparently hungry immediately consumed a cookie!
3) My experience with your professional on the phone was positive and exemplary.
My trip to Portland is within a week, I may stop by and say thank you in person.
Just in case this does not happen, thank you again so very much!

W. R. Johnson

Thank you so much for being so accommodating! My sister sent a picture of the bouquet and it is even more lovely than I was expecting! Nice job!

Barb L.

Always enjoying doing business with you. Your company is excellent and very helpful.

Thank you,

She loved it. It was beautiful. Thank you so much.

Vangie G.


The flower arrangement I ordered looked incredible and the person who received them really appreciated them. Thank you, I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Robert H.

Thank you! He is very happy with them and that makes me happy!

Darlene D.

I want to thank you and your team. Heather was so delighted and called to thank me as soon as they arrived.

I also want to say that this, my first experience working with Portland Florist Shop, was one of the best retail experiences I've had in a long time. The person I spoke with was kind, helpful and professional, the selection was wonderful and even calling at noon, you were able to make a same day delivery. The whole experience defines the phrase "exceptional service".

I will be calling you again and recommending Portland Florist Shop to anyone who asks.

With gratitude,

Thank you
My friend loved it and sent me a picture of the arrangement.

Irene B.

Dear Lynne,
Thank you for your excellent service!

The flowers were delivered this afternoon (same day as ordered) and my daughter says they’re gorgeous, and perfectly fresh. She even loves the vase.

She sent me a photo and they do look lovely.

Thanks again,
Sheila P.

My 95 year old friend called to say how beautiful the flower arrangement was. Want you to know I appreciate having a florist I can call from California to bring some happiness to my friends x family in the Portland area.
Thank you.

Violet D.

Thank you so much!

I am so grateful to have you as our go to florist! You always do such a great job.

Denise W.

Hi Lynne

thank you so much. Kelli loved her flowers and is very happy. So do I. Very nice arrangement. Thank you.

Sorry again for all the stress. It all worked out and that is amazing.

Kindest Regards
Christiane E.

Good morning, Lynn,
That is great!

Thanks so much!

I always try to do business locally!

Your sales associate that I was working with was fantastic, cheery, knew what she was talking about, and a pleasure to work with. I will so recommend her and your company.
Again Thanks!

Dear Lynne,
The bouquet was lovely! Just what I envisioned--and better!
The staff at Lincoln H.S. appreciated the caring thoughts.

Thank you so much,
Yvonne from Eugene

Thank you, She was very very happy to receive it . Also we were surprised how soon you got it up to her. I will use your service if ever needed in the future and will recommend you to all my friends etc.

Thanks again,

Thanks for delivering the flowers to my mom. They turned out absolutely beautiful and she loves them! Depending on how long she's at the nursing facility I'll send more to her in a week or two. Again, thanks!


Thanks so much!
They definitely brightened a dark time in her life!
Thanks for all your kind help!

Mary J.

I had a very excited 7 year old call to say she loved the gift! Thank you for helping this Maine girl who forgot to mail something in advance. Your birthday package was a hit.

Thank You,
Suzanne Roach Spruce

Yes she received them and everything was perfect... thanks a lot... and for sure will be using your services again in the future!

Kind regards,

My sister sent me a photo of the bouquet. Absolutely beautiful, she loves it and I am happy once again. Thank you so much for the wonderful care you take for your customers!!


The flowers you sent my sister are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!

Whitney B.

I just wanted you to know that your arrangement made our employee so happy. She said it was the best arrangement she has ever received.
Thanks again



Thank you for your excellent service and the beautiful selection. You helped me make Kristin very happy on her birthday!

Eric Zubel

the cupcakes were SUCH a hit…and so beautiful. Thank you so much for getting them to my little friend!!! I’ll be ordering a birthday cake for their next family occasion!

Renee C.

Thank you very much! My sister loved the bouquet and the balloons. I will be using you for any future flower needs in Portland.


Thank you, they were beautiful, and beautifully arranged.

Helen Aarness

Thanks for the delivery! My husband loved it and it was great that you could deliver all the way to Troutdale same day for us. Excellent value for the cost...we'll definitely order again in the future.

Gwen Fuerte

Thank you. The flower spray was beautiful and delivered right on time. We also received another arrangement from you folks today at our home with orchids and Lilly’s. Gorgeous.
Thanks so much!
Diana Hall

My niece Natalie loves the fruit basket that was delivered today......thank you!

Hi Lynne,

I ordered flowers from you last week to be delivered to Terri Schleiss who was recovering from surgery at the Adventists Hospital. You really made her day! She sent me a picture of them and the arrangement was absolutely perfect. I appreciate the love and care that you put into your work.
Debbie Wilson
Lewis & Clark National Park Association

Hi Lynne,

My daughter has lived in Portland for the past 7 years. She is now returning home to New Hampshire. I’m not sure why she chose to move so far away or if she found what she was looking for but, I am thrilled she is moving back closer to her family.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for so many years of beautiful flowers and cupcakes, and reliable deliveries. When she moved to Portland, we knew there would be birthdays and holidays we would miss. I also had no idea of reputable businesses in the area.
Fortunately I found you and your business. I was always impressed that you sent an e-mail after each order was placed to verify its accuracy.
That personal touch is certainly going above and beyond in today’s business world and truly made an impression.
Thank you again for all the years of professional sales and service. I feel I am saying goodbye to a good friend too. I would never hesitate to recommend Portland Bakery Delivery to anyone.
Yours truly,
Ellen Coyne

Thank you for letting me know. My beautiful friend in Portland sent me a photo of the flowers I bought her. Thank you so much for the amazing flowers & your services.
From Stefanie

Flowers were so perfect. fresh and full of spring. thank you so much. happy to have found you guys!

Wonderful thank you. I spoke with my mom and she loves the flowers and they are making her feel better already. I appreciate your help today as well as getting them there this afternoon. It’s nice to know I can call you quickly and have something delivered to my parents same day.
Amy Austinson

The lovely flowers you sent the Ott daughters were well received.
Thank you very much,
Carol J Eagle

Thank you you guys always come thru for me!!
Carl Tuma

Thank you so much! I just saw a picture of them and they were gorgeous.

Thank you all! She has texted me these are her favorite arrangement ever! I always order her flowers from you folks knowing how nice they always are..and that she gets them..she’s disabled and homebound. You helped me make her 75 th birthday feel feed our souls. The best of gifts! Thanks for what you do and for your wonderful skill at what you do...and for the attention given by your delivery person. It means so much..especially when life challenges us with health issues. My best,
Barbara Arrowsmith

Hi Lynne,
Thank you for this confirmation e-mail. My daughter LOVED the flowers, cake, and champagne. A perfect 30th birthday gift! Thank you.

Thank you! My daughter Amy sent me a photo of the delivery and it was wonderful. I love it that your shop offers this service. Happy Valentine's Day to you and thank you for helping me make my daughter's birthday/Valentine's Day a good one.

Hi Lynne,
Thanks so much for putting together a beautiful floral arrangement for my daughter!! Cookies were good too!!

Kathy D.

Hi There,
I wanted to give Portland Florist Shop a compliment. My Mom was at Providence Portland after a stroke. I ordered the Bee Well bouquet to be delivered. It arrived absolutely beautiful and still looks great some days later. It’s so adorable and arranged so well. Great Job!!

-Shannon Aguilera

Thank you so much, they were beautiful!
Linda Kitchen

Thank you very much as always you did a great job. I appreciated the phone call letting me know you couldn’t get my original request. Danelle sent me a picture of what you sent, she loved it & it was beautiful. I have been using your flower shop since I found you. Thank you so much for making my daughter smile again. I am pleased with my purchase & the ease of ordering online.
Carol Robertson

Hello Lynne,
After ordering a flower arrangement for a first Valentine’s Day in a new relationship from a national company, I became nervous after reading a ton of horrible reviews for the company. Needing a backup plan, I found your floral and bake shops online. Long story short, you guys saved the day. The German chocolate cake with calla lilies was more beautiful than even the photo on the website. The other flowers did arrive as well, but paled in comparison. Thank you for making a near disaster one of the most memorable Valentine’s Days ever.
-Michael Laster
Vancouver, WA

Thank you! They received the arrangements and they we’re beautiful!

The flowers were perfect! Thank you! Our daughter loved receiving them. Thank you so much!

I just got off the phone w/Ronni Bennett. The flowers, candy and pastries were a huge hit! Thank you!!! You have no idea how cool that combination of ‘stuff’ is!
We’ll do this again in a couple of weeks.

Lovely work. Thank you.

Thank you for ensuring our gift was delivered by Christmas ! It was very much appreciated.
Elizabeth Rivera

Hello Lynne,
I was SO PLEASED with the “Sweet Moments” basket I had sent to my daughter last Monday. The delivery was prompt (arrived before the baby!) and the arrangement was EXACTLY as pictured on your website. I am here in Portland now visiting my daughter and new granddaughter and the flowers are as beautiful as the day they came. This really is the perfect, delicate-looking, pretty basket to send for a new baby girl’s arrival. Thank you so much for doing such a great job.

My Best,
Barbara Nelson

Thank you SO much for a beautiful arrangement and quick delivery! Y’all made her day!

Susie Gibbs

Thanks for delivering flowers to my sister on her 87th birthday. She loved the arrangement!


Thank you! I am so happy I found you online! I live in Atlanta but my brother lives in Portland and much prefers pie over cake. It was his 60th birthday yesterday and was just returning from his father in law’s funeral in Boise. All this to say I am grateful for your bakery that I could have his favorite dessert delivered to him after a pretty rough week. He said it was delicious and was heading back for seconds. Thank you! This might become an annual thing! Until next time,


Barney was FLOORED by the delivery. Thank you so much for your extra effort here. I will be using you much more often!


Lynne – you guys have always done such a great job on my orders.

Thank you.

Thank YOU. My cousin, Chris, loved them.

Sharon Churcher

Thank you for helping to make her day happy!!!

HI Lynne,
Logan and Janet received the flowers and are very pleased..
They say it looks beautiful.

Thank you for following up.

Thank you Lynne….Megan loved them!!! You guys are incredible florists!! Best, Barrett

Thank you! My daughter sent me a picture of the flowers. They were prettier then the picture showed. She loved them
So thank you so much
Cindy Gray

Thank you so much! My daughter loved the arrangement! She sent me a picture of it, and it was perfect! It made her day more special.

Lynne – Thanks so much for your help.
Portland Florist is my “go to way” to send a touch of love to my daughter and her “very soon to be” husband. Portland Florist makes the cross country connection very easy. I appreciate it very much,
Steve Hamilton Toledo, OH

Good Morning Lynne
Thank you so much. Our daughter called last night to say she had received the package and she was very very pleased! So again, thank you. Its a little hard ordering from the East Coast for a delivery on the West Coast - but now that we found you - I'm sure we'll be using your shop for future deliveries. Again our thanks!
Have a great day!

Thank you, she enjoyed the flowers very much. They were beautiful.
~ Colleen

Thank you so much! Casey showed the flowers to us on our web conference and they looked beautiful. Thanks for making it so easy!

She sent me a picture....beautiful! The nurses said it was the prettiest on the 5th floor.
Thank you!

Thank you very much! She was very happy with her flowers and cinnamon roll!
Andrew Murphy

This plant is beautiful.
Thank you Lynne~

Thank you
Great job!

Thank you so much she really appreciated them and said they were gorgeous. I really appreciate working with you guys and will continue to do so. Have a great weekend

Just to let you know the flowers were beautiful. Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you so much, she absolutely loved the flowers!

Once again--I can't believe how lucky i was to have picked your shop out of the many in Portland, I am in FL and I appreciated all your efforts in locating the destination after giving you the wrong # on house.
The recipient was overjoyed and a Happy Birthday was had by all. Thanks again and I know my contacts in Portland will come to you for their flowers & balloons

Arrangement was lovely on the table with the urn. Thanks very much.
Thanks very much.

Beautiful arrangement, she loved it, thank you so much!
Best Regards,

Thank you for the beautiful flowers set and for your services. It was just perfect. I will be happy to continue to cooperate with you in the future.
B. Lipavsky

Thank you so much! She was very pleased and the cake was simply beautiful!

Thank you!
It is a comfort to know I can trust you with these special deliveries to my dear daughter.

Have a lovely weekend.
Carol Ann

Thank you so much! My gramma was so happy!!

Thank you so much
She was so happy.....made our day!
-Danny Tunker

Thank you so much!!! You guys are wonderful! Turned out perfect!

Thank You
Just wanted to pass on your staff have been amazingly helpful.. I have called a few days in a row prior to purchasing and they went out of their way to answer all my questions..
I will keep your number for my next order.

Thank you so much! My gramma was so happy!!

Thank You.Luna Loved that bouquet. Beautiful!


Got it and it is beautiful. Thank you!

-Martha Ramsay

Thank you . I visited with my Aunt this morning and she loves the flowers as well as the White Teddy Bear. Thank you again for helping me make her 100 years a good one.
Jo Ann Hunt

As always….the arrangement was BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t say enough about you all! Thank you!!!

Thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent to my daughter on her Birthday!! She loves it!! I live in California and she just moved 6 mo ago!! We will use again in future!! Thank’s again!! Louise

Thank you, she loved the tulips!!!

Thank you so much Lynne. My daughter loved the flowers. ��

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful arrangement and stellar personal service! NO ONE does that anymore! You are just incredible! My friend was blown away with the loveliness of the flowers and presentation, so of course I was very, very pleased. Your kindness in offering to deliver her gift while you were off duty, to a location that was out of your service area made such an impact. I was so impressed with every aspect of your service that I put you in my personal address book and will gladly tell everyone I can of my deep satisfaction with Portland Florist Shop!

Thanks and God bless you ~ Cheryl Wright

Thanks, they were beautiful.

Tanya Canfield

Yes, thank you very much. The flowers were in the office and she got them just fine. Beautiful arrangement, as always. Wonderful. Great job.

Tom Kemper

The arrangement delivered to my niece and her mother at the Hampton Inn is beautiful. It made her day! Thank you for the several attempts to get it delivered.


Thanks so much. My sisters told me they were absolutely beautiful. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!


The flowers were absolutely beautiful; it is exactly what we wanted! Thank you so much!

Sue Wright

Thank you - she received it and really appreciated it!

Steven Holland

Thank you for your good service today and delivery of the rose bud vase to my daughter, Verna Rose Burden on Mount Tabor. She was pleased and I am thankful for your reasonable price and delivery late in the day, the timing was perfect!

One of these days I will be ordering again, perhaps in person as before,

Harold Burden

My sister, Margot Miller, was delighted with the birthday flower arrangement you delivered to her last Saturday. Thanks for a great job! Harry

The recipient called my and absolutely loved the flowers. Thank you for a job well done. Mona

Thanks again for making another happy customer through your efforts. I don't do the social media but would be happy to have you share my appreciation for the many-faceted services you've provided through the years. Kathi H.

Our friends who received the flowers said they were very beautiful. Very pleased all around. Thank you. LEA JUDSON

Hi Lynne,
The cake was delivered as promised yesterday. They loved the cake. It tasted awesome. Thank you for the delivery in spite of all other orders during the Christmas time. It created an amazing memory for us.


Krishna Prasad

Dear Portland Florist Shop Staff,
Thanks guys, as usual, perfect she has received them and so excited, they looked great!

many thanks,


Dear Portland Florist Shop Staff,
She sent me a photo and they are beautiful!


Maryjane Mac Leod, LEED Green Associate

Dear Portland Florist Shop Staff,
Just wanted to let you know how surprised and thrilled - yes, THRILLED! - our daughter-in-law was by the red-white-and-blue arrangement you delivered to their home today. This afternoon she became an American citizen, setting aside her Spanish citizenship for ours - how much that has meant to US! Your flowers capped the excitement of the day! Thanks so much - they helped us (not in Portland) to be part of her day!.


Elisabeth Farwell

Thank you so much for delivering this gift so promptly. Our friends were so touched! You really made my day and helped us send something meaningful to friends who experienced a great last in their family. I will recommend your company to anyone!


Dear Portland Florist Shop Staff,
Thanks so much for emailing me confirmation of my flower arrangement order and also confirmation of delivery today. Our deal friend loved the arrangement and we appreciate your excellent service by Neo. (I hope that is how his name is spelled). Our friend, Marja, was very happy with the lovely arrangement, and that makes us happy too.


Margaret & Gary Prior

Dear Portland Florist Shop Staff,
Thank you for putting together such a beautiful bouquet for my friend. She sent me a photo and I'm delighted with the flowers. Great job. br>
Thank you,



I’m actually in Ireland. My wife was visiting her brother in Portland when our 12th anniversary was on.

Thanks so much for the flowers and chocolates. My wife was thrilled!


It was a huge success!


Dear Portland Florist Shop Staff,
Thank you! I heard from my friend as soon as I was delivered. She sent me a picture of the basket and it looked lovely. Thank you! She said it was so heavy she could hardly carry it. She said the azalea was beautiful!

Thanks again!


Dear Portland Florist Shop Staff,
Just wanted to let you know this carrot cake is the BEST! Everyone on the Northeast wants to try this cake! Hopefully we will be able to bring one back with us some time!

Thank you,

Mary Marleau

Thank you, my mother received the flowers for her 90th Birthday. My sister sent me pictures and they look great.

Thank you,


Thank you for the great flowers!!!


Thank you, Lynne. Kori wanted me to tell you how wonderful the arrangement was that she received; and how all of the flowers that you have delivered to her were "always very beautiful".

Todd Felix

Thank you!!
Great job!
Laura Hall

You guys are awesome I will be using you again.
Thank you

Thank you do much. Our friend sent us a photo of the flowers and they we absolutely beautiful.
Thanks again
~Maryann Greenhalgh

My daughter called and loves the plant. Thank you for such great service.
~Mona Frankc

Dear Lynne and Portland Florist shop
Thank you for perfect flowers, perfect delivery, and help and preciseness of our order!

I can't thank you enough for your exceptional customer service and the most beautiful arrangement. The use of the leaves in the vase is stunning. It has made quite an impression with the crews and with us. Thank you so much for making this for us and coming out on your day off.

If you can let me know what works best for you during the first part of November, I will look forward to us doing another arranging class with you. My folks loved this last year.

Aloha Lynne,
Thank you for your wonderful service and I appreciate the confirmation of delivery! Enjoy your weekend and thank you again for staying open late yesterday to accommodate our request!
Debi Au

Hi Lynne,
thank you appreciate the great service

Hi Lynne,
Wanted to show you mom's smile with her Thai Mother's Day flowers. Her caretaker and my brother spent time with her taking photos. Mom sent me a voice mail thanking me for the fun surprise. Thanks for bringing our new Thai culture into Oregon and sharing these fun experiences together.

Thank you for the quick turnaround. The flower delivery really made my friend feel special on her birthday!
Kind regards,

Thanks for doing a great job. You guys are awesome. I recommend your shop highly to my friends and co-workers. I appreciate the timely delivery.
Thanks, Paul

Cathy called me and was so delighted with the flowers. Thank you for helping me make her day better.

I really felt the difference! We have been so disappointed with the other big guys time and time again. We took a chance on you guys for my mom's 70th birthday and she loved it.

Well done, we appreciate it Lynne!

Thank you so much. This means a great deal to me.

Hi Lynne,
The flowers were beautiful and arrived right on time! I'm so happy I decided to break away from the big corporate flower delivery companies, you wowed us!
Deanna Williamson

Thank you for delivering such beautiful flowers to our daughter Molly!! We will use your shop again!
Cindy Love

Thank you. She was very impressed with the basket

Thank you so much for your call and wonderful delivery service.

Thank you so much you guys are awesome
Helen V.

Thank you so much! Didn't need such a rush because they were dealing with an ant problem at my mother's & didn't get to the Flying Cat 'til about 1:30. Allie was so surprised when she got there! Yes, she figured out it was me, and she was lucky to get 1 cat cookie (everybody shares at Jan's), but they cut the cake tonight and she sent a picture of my mother with the cake and an expression of pure happiness (she has Alzheimer's and can be rather negative as her brain keeps giving the wrong signals). If that cake makes people that happy, I may have to take out a subscription for regular deliveries.

I will be in Portland for my birthday in October, so I will have to get another cake to try for myself (apparently, they can't save a piece for me).

Thank you again for making my sister's day. She works hard taking care of our mother as well as her family, fostering kittens and helping others in need (she put a family of 5 in my bedroom at my mother's over the Christmas holidays because it was cold/snowing & they had no place to go, took care of everyone in both households, kept apologizing to me for the difficulties it caused and we did spend a lot of money to help them, but she bore the brunt of the hard work, and in hindsight, I still wouldn't have her do any differently-she did what was right and necessary). She gets more grief than appreciation (or help) for her efforts from those near her, and she is not always easy to buy for, so this was perfect! Balloons, flowers and sugar...what more could one need!!!
Kathy P.

Dear Lynne,
Thank you for the beautiful spray of roses and the timely delivery to Willamette National Cemetery. The flowers were lovely, and we appreciate the extra effort you and the rest of the staff gave to fill our needs.
Judie McKinley

Thanks so much for all you did to get the flowers delivered. I saw a photo of them and they looked beautiful. My realtor was quite pleased!

I will be using you again!!
Thanks so much!
Judi Trettin

He loved it. Thanks so much!! ….. in this moment you create your tomorrow…..

My Best,

Kristina is very happy. Thank you very much for helping me make her day special.
Alla Nasteka

Thank you, she loved the arrangement !
Betty Choate

Thank you, Lynne. I heard from the recipient that the arrangement was beautiful! I most definitely will keep your organization as a contact for floral arrangements in the Portland market.
Many thanks,
Kelli Newman

Thank you very much for the quick turn around and confirmation.

She loved it.
Thank you!!

Thank you Lynne!
I really appreciate your help with this.

Thank you. She was thrilled.
Betty J Duncan

My boyfriend's mom had back surgery and we live in a Texas, so we want to thank you for making such beautiful arrangements and delivering a reminder of our thoughts to her! Thank you so much! She loved them!!!

I hope I win, but I am also writing because my order of cookies for illustrator Carolyn Conahan was delivered on time and the 38 people--librarians, teachers, directors on a bus—from the MAZZA Museum in Ohio loved them! Carolyn, who had injured her foot the day before and couldn’t bake cookies, was very grateful.

Carmen “T”

Everything was delivered. Roslyn was very pleased indeed. Thank you Portland Florist Shop!
I’ll post on social media.

Thank you..she was so happy and they were so pretty...she took picture and brought over to show me...


Thank you so much for your great service and It made my grandson a little happier. He had emergency surgery at Randall Children’s Hospital, it is always hard when you cannot be there. So thanks again for the bear, candy and balloons.

Debra Anderson - Grandma

Thanks so very much!
You guys did an outstanding job!
Very Happy!


She loves it!! And she sent us a pic. You did a wonderful job on the arrangements of the bouquet...Thank you!

Maria Gunter

My "May Day Engagement Party" floral basket was perfect!

Thanks -
Rhonda Sater, a happy customer!

Hi there, she received the flowers this afternoon & loves them Thanks also for the floral display you sent last time when there were some cosmetic issues with the previous order. We were not expecting that, so it was much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Matt DJ!

Thank you everything was perfect! Delivery was at 11!

Thank you for your wonderful delivery! My sister was absolute in love with it all and said it was her favorite gift this year! Thank you for everything! :)

Thank you very much.
I really appreciate and recommend your business sense. Will surely shop again with you. Thanks for the lovely cake and even more thankful for your thoughtfulness and cultural sensitivity. Hats off to you.
Mrs. Fouzia Parveen.

Thank you. Our grandson and family enjoyed the pastries and balloons!


Thank you so much for your phone calls and for going out of your way to ensure delivery.
You rock!

Beryl Stringer

I love the way you make it so easy to help me make someone feel special on a special day or for a special occasion.

My niece June absolutely loves the raccoon (her mom says it's been by her side or in her hand(s) since it arrived this evening) and she is almost dwarfed by the balloon. I had no idea the balloon was as big as it is. It's perfect. She named the raccoon RayRay.

Again, thank you.

Thank you!! Y'all are the greatest! I am so far away from my daughter, and I miss her so much. It will make the pain of missing her a little easier to bear knowing that you were able to deliver to her some Easter Joy from me, her mom.
Gail Wood

Thank you so much. My daughter loved her flowers. I really appreciated how easy it was to send her flowers.

Thank you so much. My sister loved the flowers and the cookie made it extra special. Will definitely us you shop again

Thank you so much! The recipient loved the arrangement and the cookie was a bonus!

My daughter was thrilled. Awesome flowers thank you again!

Thank you so much for the cake delivery 3-24-17! Karla said it was lovely. On such short notice I was amazed to have such wonderful results!
Vonda Zirbes

You did it! Delivery arrived before he left work, and the flowers are beautiful. Thank you SO much for fulfilling my wishes.

I am beyond satisfied! You guys did an amazing job the recipient loved it!!!

Thank you! She LOVED it!

Thanks for another great job!! I came in Saturday about 1:30 after realizing I had forgotten to order flowers for a funeral service at 2:30. Your crew did a fantastic job putting together a spray and table top piece that were perfect and was ready for pickup at 2pm!! I have used you multiple times and the results are always great! Thanks again!
Norm Kramer

Thank you for getting them early - they were beautiful and she loved them!!

Hi Lynne,
I wanted to write you a note to say that the beautiful flowers we ordered were delivered at a very convenient time - the entire staff were in a meeting called "Accolades with Admin" where the principal shares thank you notes that teachers write to each other for things, when our wonderful admin assistant walked in and presented them to Jody.
She's a wonderful teacher that has had some difficult things happen over the last week, and it is her birthday tomorrow. She was so touched and the entire staff got to see it.
Thank you so much! You're now my go to flower business here in Portland!

Thanks Lynne, she loved the flowers. The cookie was a nice touch!

My daughter loved the cupcakes, and the arrangement was beautiful! Thank you!!

Thank you very much and they didn't absolute wonderful job. I will definitely be back again

Thank you they are beautiful. And made it just in time as she was leaving. I will recommend you to my friends.

Dear Ms. Pohman,
I just spoke with one of your associates over my lunch hour. I would like to thank you and your team for working with me with this order especially with the change to the lavender rose and the change of the delivery address. Great work, it is much appreciated. Thank you! Best Wishes,
Adrian Radase

Thank you. She was very surprised and happy with the flowers, she especially liked the pretty container! Enjoyed working with you and I am sure that I will again in the future.
Thank you.

Thank you for the beautiful arrangement and the quick delivery. I know that I can count on Portland Florist Shop to bring a smile to my daughter's face!
Patricia M. Hurt

Laurel: I just got a call from my friend and her family telling me that the floral arrangement had just arrived and they all said it was absolutely beautiful!! I, of course, haven't seen it but based on their comments I know that you must have personally added a special touch to the arrangement I selected. THANK YOU for your help in selecting this floral piece and for making sure it was delivered as I wanted.
Derald Kellis

The flowers were absolutely beautiful, thank you!

Hi Lynn,
We have become so dissatisfied with over the years with respect to what is advertised, and what is delivered. My sister suggested you guys, and my mom is extremely happy with the flowers you delivered today.

Thank you Lynne! She showed me a picture, and they looked wonderful! Thank you again!

Thank you
It was beautiful

Thank you. I've been using your site ever since my oldest daughter started college in Portland 5 years ago. Now it's my baby girls turn. You folks are simply awesome!!!

Dear Lynne,
Thank you for your superb service on this cold and icy day in Portland. I especially appreciate your wide selection of not only gorgeous flower arrangements, but also the other wonder gift goodies such as stuffed animals , chocolates, cupcakes, cakes, and more!
My daughter texted me that she cried upon receiving the Birthday flower arrangement with the Birthday Teddy Bear and the yummy carrot cake. It was a lovely lovely surprise for her.
Thank you for making my birthday wishes for her come true on this incredibly cold winter day in Portland! You are a real sweetheart and I will use The Portland Florist Shop exclusively from now on. I am hereby a loyal customer!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Gail Wood

Thank you ever so much Really made my traveling daughter happy!

Thank you! The bouquet was absolutely beautiful!

Dear Lynne and everyone at Portland Florist,
I want to thank you so much for the delivery of coffee and a rose to my beautiful daughter Vicky. I live in South Africa and I haven't seen her in years, so it so wonderful to have you right there when I want her to know how much I love her.
Muriel Dunlop

Thank you for being so thoughtful and the incredible service. I will definitely use Portland Florist Shop in the future. I got a late start on this gift (didn't know the actual birth date until Saturday evening) and am delighted you were able to deliver on the date. This means a lot to me. Again, thank you.
Joe K.

Thank you for delivering them so quickly. My daughter loved the flowers in her smiley mug!
Warm Regards,
Karen Weldon

Arrangement is beautiful! Thank you!

Thank you so much! She loved them!

All great! I live in Canada and had no clue about you guys! Googled and what a great experience! The arrangement you did for my best friend was amazing! Thank you so much!! Cheers from BC

Thank you very much. Randy has already emailed that he received the flowers. I greatly appreciate your wonderful customer service. I will keep you in mind for future needs.

Thank you for an excellent service. The recipient was was very very pleased.
Elizabeth Terrett

Thank you so much for the great service. You made my family extremely happy and everything was Fabulous!
Thank you,
Farima Groome

Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. So refreshing.
Dee Frasier

Thank you. My nephew loved the arrangement

My wife loved them and was so surprised.
Thank you again and I will be making an order this month.

You are the best!!!

Dear Erin and Lynne,

Thank you! It made all the difference in the world to my daughter receiving the balloons and cake on Saturday, one day post her last chemo.

A big shout out to Erin who worked hard on making sure the delivery was on Saturday morning in the face of the weather and all your snow! She is magical!

She never expected it! And she had some friends who had come into town to help her through this last chemo and to celebrate the end of the rounds so the cake is perfect and looked beautifully prepared. They send me photos! Thanks again. She said, "Wow! It made my day!"

Kind regards,

Cathy Hoffman

Lynn, My aunt loved the flowers. Thank you!

THANK YOU so very much for, what I am told, is one of the freshest and most beautiful bouquets that I have ever sent. I appreciate you making this purchase so easy and keeping me informed about its arrival. You are definitely my Portland florist.
P. Gail Anderson

Thanks for making the delivery time work for mother turned were taking her out but she didn't feel good. She LOVED the flower arrangement you sent...she sounded almost well in her enthusiasm for it. We're hoping to get her out for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for helping to make her birthday so much better than it might have been.

My colleague received her gift and it was beautiful! She was delighted and so am I. I just added your phone number to my contacts list and will be calling you for more gifts in the future.

Thank you,

Lynne, Thanks. I heard the flowers were really nice and that even the nurses commented on them. Thanks for making my cousins day and making me a hero.

Happy New Years

Thank you for a job well done. The follow up was a sign of true professionalism, caring and most of all customer satisfaction. What a great job and great service. The last one I talked with was the owner. Please pass this on to her. Again thanks to all.
Mr. Pero

Thank you

....My daughter, Raney Alleman just had serious surgery at OHSU... The Christmas arrangement we ordered online from you was just what the doctor ordered... It was perfect..... Thank You so much!!!!!!!
The Adolphsons

Thank you! We were told that the basket of flowers were beautiful!!

My colleague received her gift and it was beautiful! She was delighted and so am I. I just added your phone number to my contacts list and will be calling you for more gifts in the future.
Thank you, Ruth

Thank you, it was very nice, John sent a picture, When we need flowers in Portland, you will be the one we call again.
Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for delivering today. My friend said the bouquet is beautiful!

Thank you! Everything went smoothly! :D
She loved the flowers ;)

Thank you, she loved it!!
Jann Todd

Thank you! This business is great :)
Brandon Woods

Mary really liked the flowers and were a big hit. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for the beautiful work on this one.
As always you can be counted on.
Kathleen Heitzman

thank you - the arrangement was beautiful & a success

I wanted to say thanks for the amazing arrangement. They were lovely. I may have to send some to myself :)

Thank you - you are wonderful :)
Connie Huffa

Perfect service. Thank you.

Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers you provided for my wedding at Edgefield yesterday. You did a superb job and I am very grateful.
Michele Harway

Thank you. Jean called and said the flowers were beautiful.

Thank so much for your help and prompt delivery. Exceeded my expectations. WOW Service
Shakira Chun

Great job, thanks! My 85 year old aunt just called to tell me that she had received the lovely birthday arrangement. She said the flowers were delivered by Portland Florist Shop. She said the flowers were fresh, the arrangement and selection of flowers were beautiful. She also said the delivery man was very pleasant and said to her, “Enjoy your flowers”, which was very kind. She said that both the flowers and the delivery were the best she’d ever received, which is quite a compliment from her.

Regards, Gwen Salmassian

All are correct. Thank you so much Portland Florist! You're the best!
Jinky Gabatan

My wife loves her flowers; thanks for taking such great care of her arrangement on my behalf!

Thank you so much she loved the pie!
Lisa Heil

Fantastic job! Well received, they were licking their fingers from the frosting they got on them.
Robert M. Morgan

The floral arrangement was beautiful!
Thank you,

Thanks so much...Tait was surprised and loved everything!
Suzanne Harrison

Thank you very much, Mary...
Aunt Norma sent me a photo of the beautiful bouquet....she loves it.

Thank you so very much. I have been purchasing flowers from you folks since my first daughter came to Portland 4 years ago, and I'll continue to buy from you for the next 4 years as now my baby is there in Portland attending school. Have an awesome weekend.

Thank you. So glad I was able to give him a cake for his birthday from Mom so far away.
Lisa M.

I received your voicemail, thanks for the delivery confirmation. Celan received the flowers, and of course she loves them. Thanks again.

Yves Bouillet

Thank you for the beautiful arrangements today. You and your staff did a great job on short notice.


Hi Lynne,

Thank you for doing such a great job on the flowers for my mother and grandmother. They just loved them and said that each bouquet was so different and gorgeous. :) Will definitely buy from you again.

Thank you again,
Taylor (in Los Angeles, CA)

Dear PFS
Re order 92117

A friend of mine was in a Portland hospital for a major surgery. My wife and I wished to send hime some flowers to cheer him up a bit and I selected your shop when I googled florists in Portland. I don't know why I picked yours but I am very glad I did. I had picked the Bird of Paradise arrangement and you exceeded your sample by several degrees. I could wax poetic about your service, attention, arrangements, etc but I'd rather quote the recipient. It sums the experience quite well. "Thank you and Sandi for the most beautiful Bird of Paradise ever. I could take this to heaven and they would be envious. But no, I'm keeping it here on Earth. Love you guys"

Miguel Buchwald

Lynne & staff, etc.,

My daughter received the birthday flowers I ordered for her yesterday. She reports they are SO very beautiful, her favorite type of flowers and color combination, and they smell amazing!!! The lady who delivered them called me to let me know she had to leave them on the porch since no one was home, and let me know she tried to secure the balloon as best as she could, and was hoping they’d be okay being left there. I didn’t expect a phone call, but really appreciated it! Someone came home soon and took in the delivery, and all was well received. This was my first experience ordering flowers for delivery (ever!), and since I don’t know any local shops in the Portland area, I had to just take a chance with my google search! Ordering online was easy, and just want to say I was very impressed and happy with the entire process from beginning to end.

Sincerely, Jana

Thank you so much Portland Florist Shop! The nice gal who took my order was so kind and professional and I was so happy the flowers were delivered the same day despite placing the order so late in the day. The recipient was so delighted and sent me a picture thanking me. The arrangement is so pretty! Thanks again so much for all your prompt and wonderful help!

Thank you again for your help with the flower delivery last week! I am so grateful and will continue to use your service when in Portland :)


Thank you very much....really appreciate all the help on this!!


Oh my God's PERFECT!!! Thank u, Thank u, THANK U!!!


Dear Maryy
Thank you so very much for all your (and any co-workers') marvelous knowledge and artistic skill in the flower arrangement of white roses and lilies for Jo Monti and family, delivered last Friday, March 18th. It was so uplifting to her spirit that she and other family members called to let me know how beautiful and encouraging the entire bouquet is for Jo, and how it has really brightened the light in her eyes since the death of Mario, her beloved husband of almost 72 years. Thank you also for the wonderful email photo attachment of the flower bouquet. It is spectacular! Thank you again!

Best regards,

Thank you so very much for a prompt, and very beautiful delivery of spring flowers to our co-worker. It more than brightened her day, and that meant so much to me!
Denise A.
Human Resources Director

Hello, The arrangement was absolutely beautiful, above and beyond my expectations and delivery time was perfect. You saved me for being out of the country on valentines day. She loved it.
Please send whatever info you need for me to join your customer program, you guys are now my goto florist in the city.
Many Thanks, Mike

Thank you so much. My stepdaughter sent me a picture. They were beautiful. Thanks again.

Hi i wish to thank you for moving my order up at time when I know you were very busy.God bless you for doing this for me me. This really made a good day for Kathy and for me as well.

Thank you Lynne. Everyone was very impressed with the flower arrangements. You do such great work.

Thank you so much, they are gorgeous , my dad called me right away to say how beautiful they were, they really helped him get through this one year anniversary of my mom's passing, they were married 62 years and he misses her so much. Thank you again for delivering them so fast and for making such beautiful arrangements!
Patches Mckibbin

Thank you for the same day service. The flowers were a hit!

It is there and she LOVES it. Thank you so much for your help, prompt replies and follow-up! Great service and great product at the best price I found! You'll definitely get my business again :)
Thank you!

They received and LOVED IT! I want to order one for me!

Thank you! It's beautiful.

Thank you for your excellent service!

I want to thank you for the great service you provided to mr the. Flowers were very nice...lots

Service was very satisfactory, you guys are awesome!!!
Thank You,

Diane loved the pumpkin flower arrangement!!
Klarice & David

Joy LOVED her flowers!! she was having a bad day, so it was a good day to send flowers! thanks for your prompt delivery!

Thank you!!! She said they r beautiful

This is David & Klarice Anderson. We like our fall bouquet that we bought today!!!

My friend loved the cake...thought it was beautiful... look forward to giving you more business... Curt Mudd

Thank you for making my daughters birthday special! 

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much!!! You made my day so much better, especially since I can't be with my now 30 year old:)

You rock:)


Thanks so much!! I just got a text photo of the wine! Beautiful presentation :)

The arrangement is bright and cheery. Love the wagon and so does my daughter.

Thank you
Cathy Relang

Thank you so much. Our daughter and our family as appreciate your delicious efficiency.

Frances Bellows

Thank you for the beautiful flower delivered last Saturday for Ashley. My husband who was in Portland said it was beautiful and actually the largest one.
The last minute change of color from pink to purple turned out to be perfect as the family requested purple color theme for the funeral.

Thanks again for great service
Otty Pacyga

Thank you so much! My Mom loves the happy birthday German chocolate cake with flowers. Thank you for making my Mom's day THAT much more special.

Thanks again,
Cassidi Gross

Thank you for the great service!!

Mike Manzo

Thank you for the message, I live in Brazil and my son lives in Hillsboro, the one you delivered a cake on August 1st; He liked very much , as I did; he sent me a photo of order delivered, so cool ! he was alone on his birthday and when he received the order he invited some buddies for a pizza, to sing Happy Birthday and the cake :) Your attention to my order made us, me and my wife, his mother and his two sisters very , very happy; When he advances his training and get higher levels, I will make a another order as a way to celebrate his goals.

Warmest regards from Brazil,

Chris and Ashley sent us pics of what you delivered to them today. We are so pleased! The flowers are just perfect and the little monkey is adorable and was a big hit with them. Thank you so much for your outstanding service!

With much appreciation,
Bill and Connie Foster

THANK YOU so much Lynne for your extraordinary service it is much appreciated. You made our Daughter very happy. So again you are wonderful.
Sincerely, Patti Christiansen

Exceptional design and mechanics. I am a commercial/event/wedding designer. I travel it seems everywhere for my career. I have met many designers and wish I had the designer who did my Mothers flowers to work on one of my teams! Actually, I did not expect the quality that was given. In addition, the service desk person was educated and thoroughly professional. The floral was delivered on time. Your company's name will be "dropped" to my friends and other family members in Portland.
Thank you again, I am an extremely picky client!

My daughter-in-law (Karen Anderson) received the flowers and was very pleased. Thanks for your great service!
Keith Anderson.

Thank you for your loving attention to this order, the flowers were received and beautiful. You helped make this gift a treasure! Jan Harris

Thanks! The flowers are very beautiful!

Mrs. Romer phoned me this evening and was most pleased with the bouquet that you prepared and delivered to her.
She and I also appreciated your delaying the delivery until she had returned from vacation.
Oscar Beasley,
Iowa City, Iowa

Thank you for the speedy delivery....Eileen called me @ 1:00 on Tuesday and was very impressed with the beautiful Hydrenchea..I am glad that you suggested the plant!
I, my self have 5 beautiful hydrenchea plants in my yard, all completely in bloom now! I am planning to pick me up an other one, I LOVE them that much...
With regards,

The cake was awesome, he email a photo over, thank you so much.
The service you provide is fantastic. I'll be ordering again in September, 2x nieces birthdays & sister-in-law!!
All the best
Sue Bloomfield

You guys are Awesome! My daughter's birthday bouquet and raspberry cheesecake were a smack when it was delivered to the Tek Systems office!!

My brother reported to me that the flowers had arrived and were beautiful. He said that the pastor put my arrangement up on the altar for the whole service for all to see.

Thank you for delivering a beautiful arrangement.

Norma Raiff

You guys are Awesome! My daughter's birthday bouquet and raspberry cheesecake were a smack when it was delivered to the Tek Systems office!!

She loved the arrangement.  She sent me a picture.  It was very beautiful.  Thanks for doing such wonderful work.  I could tell you put some extra care in the arrangement since you didn't have the vase I wanted.  Thank you so much!

Peggy Anderson

Thank you! The flowers are very beautiful and are still going strong. We really appreciate it.
Have a great day!

Thank you!  Your flowers were so beautiful last year, the grandparents loved them!!!

Thanks my niece is very happy with her flowers and her cupcakes.

Regards BEA Gracey

Thanks. The flowers are stunning. Kim Thanks. The flowers are stunning. Kim

Thank you SO much, great service and she was delighted :)

Thank you so much for the great help you all gave me with this order.
Very friendly and helpful I will use you all again.
Lisa Goodgine

She loved the delivery.

Thank you so much!

Thank You Very Much! My Mom was overjoyed--she said the cupcakes added a special touch. Thank you again for your prompt, quality service.


Aloha and many mahalo's (thank you in Hawaiian) for your kindnesses !!! We appreciate your fitting our "new baby" flower order into your already busy day.

Just received a text and pictures from the hospital, and they love them!!!

Thank you again,

Hey guys, thank you very much. Your service was fantastic.


Thank you. The bouquet was gorgeous and the service delightful!!

Dear Lynn:

Annette just e-mailed me to say how she so very much appreciated receiving a bouquet of flowers with a butterfly attached! You people are awesome! Thank You! Annette is seriously ill and anything to brighten her day means a great deal to all of us! We will always remember your kindness and generosity. I will recommend your business to all my friends.

Best Wishes,

Thank you Portland Florist Shop; the flowers were beautiful and made the recipients so very happy !! Wishing you a good 2018.


Dear Portland Florist Shop,
The arrangement ‘Exotic Grace’ was received by my sister and to her delight it touched her heart. Bird of Paradise is her favorite flower, she shared a photo and indeed it was beautiful.

Thank You,
CD Wyatt

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I placed an order for a delivery on 2/26 for a funeral service and ordered a casket spray and a floral spray on an easel. I just wanted to let you know that the flowers were delivered on time and were beautiful! There were several florists that were closer to the location at Ross Hollywood Chapel but I knew your shop did good work and wanted to place my order with you. I would like to thank the floral designers who worked on both arrangements and thank them for doing such a wonderful job!

I will of course do business with you again and will tell anyone looking for a florist to check your shop out.

Thank you!
Teresa Leeper